vineri, 29 august 2008

Vesti de la Presedintele AEJ


Dear colleague,

As we are journalists, let’s begin with the news. The first is not very good, but the second compensates by its excellence. We are not going to Maastricht to celebrate the 46th AEJ Congress as was planned, in spite of the great efforts made by our Dutch colleagues, for which I am totally grateful. The idea of Maastricht as host city remains for the future as we are all very enthusiastic about it.

But the problem has been solved by the Austrian section which has arranged a very attractive alternative in a very short time after the postponing of ‘Maastricht’. We will be meeting in LINZ, a main city characterised by plenty of beauty and artistic tradition but which is also the European Cultural Capital for 2009. It will be an excellent framework in which to meet.

At the end of the day, we all are communication professionals and I am sure that we will certainly find good reasons to celebrate Linz and many elements of inspiration to write about and tell of in your media. We will contribute in two ways: first we will inform our audiences about an event of great interest, and secondly, our Austrian colleagues will be able to offer the City of Linz a journalistic response for the support the are offering to our Congress.

With this good news I am sending you this official convocation of the 46th Congress and General Assembly of the Association of European Journalists, not forgetting to thank our colleagues from the Austrian section most heartily, particularly their president Otmar Lahodynsky, for all their efforts and enthusiasm. The dates are fixed, November 20-24, so I kindly request you to block them in your agenda. Our Secretary-General, N.Peter Kramer, will send you registration details shortly.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Linz!

Kind regards,

Diego Carcedo

(Int. President AEJ)