sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2007

mesaj din partea AEJ Italia

Dear Colleague,

I am afraid I have some bad news to break. Our colleague, Enrico Serra, has passed away in Rome. He was International President of the AEJ in the 1960s,
when the Association started moving its first steps. Enrico was also at one point the Secretary-General of the Italian Section.
I have extended by condolences to the family also on behalf of the AEJ. Any members wishing to send private
condolences may do so by writing to: Famiglia Serra, via Asinio Pollione 20 – 00153 Roma.

I have also attached the news item I am sending to Peter Kramer to be posted on the AEJ website.

Best regards,

Carmelo Occhino
Vice-president AEJ

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