vineri, 21 martie 2008

Apel din partea lui Vladimir Bukovski

Dear Colleagues,
Our friends from St. Petersburg are asking for support. Maxim Reznik, the leader of the democratic opposition in the city, was arrested about three weeks ago on fabricated charges. People campaigning in defence of him suffer repression, too. This is certainly a start of a major attack by the regime against the dissidents, so it must be countered the sooner the better.
On Sunday 30 March I will picket the Russian Embassy in London with the poster saying 'Freedom to Maxim Reznik! Freedom to political prisoners!'.
I ask you to do the same in your own cities on the same date. I need it to happen in as many countries as possible. Do mobilise media to report that. Do let me know if you are going to support me, to give us time to help you with the media if we can.
It is very important to have all of us doing that simultaneously, that is, on the 30th of March. I believe such an international demonstration is the only way to force the Russian regime stop that chain of repression.
Thank you, Vladimir

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